Mission Statement

Our Vision

Teamwork Principles: We believe strongly that every teammate is a leader who is ultimately responsible for eliminating hunger in our communities. We use our teamwork principles every second, whether we’re brainstorming about innovative ideas for novel food banking projects or deciding on the optimal approach to collectively overcoming the hunger challenge and living life more abundantly. To learn more,

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy: in the face of increasing inequality in our societies, NHFB believes that Africa’s ethnic, cultural, and social diversity should be reflected in its staff, Board, Faculty, and volunteers. Diverse and inclusive teams are essential for innovation, therefore fostering equality and opportunity for career growth in the workplace. In recognition of its deteriorating effects on our societies, NHFB condemns ethnic conflicts and it leverages its resources, partnerships, and influence to fight against ethnic conflicts, discrimination, and systemic racism. NHFB is excited to collaborate with national and international partners towards accelerating equity, inclusion and diversity across all communities in the world.

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